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What to expect from your outdoor family pictures with Chris Perea

If you are new to taking family photos you might be nervous about what to expect, how your kids might do and what the result will look like.

It is a very important point to keep in mind that no two families are the same. Your family pictures are going to look different than the vision in your head that you might have from looking at photos on Pinterest. What works well for one family doesn’t always for another. What I can promise is that if you let you, have fun, and enjoy YOUR unique family, you’re going to love your photos. You’re going to love it because it’s going to reflect your family, exactly how it is. Every family has a vibe that is all their own! Some families are quiet and dreamy. Some are super high energy and the kids want to run the whole time. If you have a two year old who never stops moving, I am here for it! Just don’t expect your photos to look like your sister's with your two year old niece who is shy and snuggly.

Here are my promises to you:

  • We’re going to have beautiful light, whether that is from golden setting sun or dramatic overcast skies.

  • I am going to incorporate the beauty of the location we choose.

  • I am going to attempt (kid-dependent) to get a few “Grandma shots” of everyone looking. Because I want to capture that candid moment, that true emotion, most of your photos will not have everyone looking at the camera.

  • You will get pictures that have lots of combinations of everyone in your family.

  • I am going to help you look your best in your photos!

This *might mean* that your super serious oldest doesn’t smile for ANY of the images. If they are a serious kid, you should try to embrace that. When they are 30, you’re going to look back at these family photos together and tell them about the time they were this age where they wouldn’t smile for ANYTHING and you will all be laughing.

Are you ready to book your family photos with me?

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