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Tip for Posing in front of the camera

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

First, let's talk about how NOT to pose. These are a few of the classic mistakes.

The forced grin. t’s the kind of thing that happens when you don’t know what to do with your face, so you just figure a huge smile will do the trick (it won’t).

The deer in headlights. As if you did you just hear a thunderously loud noise. Your eyes are so wide it looks like you got startled. Some consider big eyes a beautiful feature, but forcing them open will certainly not make you look better.

The multiple chins. We all have necks, so we might as well just use them.

The up in the sky. Your basically lifting your head up too much and look down. this rarely looks flattering in pictures.

The Mid Talking. Whoops! You were chatting to whoever took the photo and now you look deranged. When you have a camera aimed at you, it is a good idea to shut up and concentrate. All of these mistakes stem from the same problem: not knowing how to pose well. So let's get into how to actually pose right!

1. What is closest looks biggest

Whichever body parts are pushed toward the camera will look larger. So if you angle your hips toward the camera they will look bigger. Instead, push them backwards and further away from the camera. Don’t forget too to stretch and elongate your body too rather than slouching, this will make you appear longer and leaner.

2. How to avoid the double chin

Most of us, when a camera comes near us, in a defensive move, pull our head backwards and chin in toward our chest, which of course doubles our double chins. Remember to push your chin out a little when having your photo taken to stretch your neck. Also: lower your chin down - more than you think - to look flattering in pictures.

3. What about your hands?

If you plan on touching your face, such as leaning on one hand, or framing your face with your hands, the trick is to barely touch your face. Don’t actually lean your face onto your hand or you will distort your face, instead pretend to, just have the lightest contact so that you don’t move your facial skin.

Having an experienced photographer helps you to pose in a beautiful and natural way. I can help you look fabulous in front of the camera - even if you think you are not photogenic!

Let's talk or text, shoot me a message!

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