• Chris Perea

10 Tips for Taking Better Family Photos with your IPhone

Taking beautiful photos of your kids with your phone—especially taking shots with the iPhone 11—has never been easier. But even if you have an older model phone or a non-Apple device, there are still tips and tricks you can use to get awesome images. Here we go:

1. Use burst mode. Whenever you’re taking any kind of action shot (think soccer games or bounce house fun), you can simply tap and hold your finger on the shutter button, and your iPhone will automatically activate the burst mode. Essentially, your phone takes a bunch of photos at one time, so that you can go back through them to pick the best in-motion shot and discard the others.

Tip: If your phone doesn’t have this featured (many Android phones do not, you can actually download an app that allows you do so (like Fast Burst Camera).

2. Use every photographers secret. OK, that one is intriguing isn't it? Photographers know that the difference of a good to an outstanding photo is light. Make sure you take photos of your kids during sunrise or sunset light. The first hour after sunrise and the last before sunset produces the most incredible golden light.

Tip: The weather app on your phone shows sunrise and sunset times

3. Use artificial light. When your photo needs extra light (but you know the flash will ruin the pic), grab a friend. Have them turn on the phone’s flashlight as your source of light. They can hold it towards one side of your subject to naturally mimic the sun as you take the shot.

4. It’s easier to lighten a dark photo than darken a photo that is too bright. If you’re faced with a situation where the lighting is too low, but adding a big overhead light or flash will ruin the photo, opt for darker. You can take a dark photo and lighten it (with various editing apps on your IPhone) , but if your photo is too light, it’s hard to darken enough to make it worth keeping.

5. Your phone comes with focus. When you have your camera open, just tap the screen where you want your focus to be (a yellow box will indicate). Tap it again and it will allow you to adjust the exposure.

6. Move around. Unless your camera has amazing zoom function (hello, iPhone11 pro!) you may not get the shot you want as you see it with your naked eye. Instead of trying to get closer with the zoom function, just get closer. When you move closer to your subject you’ll also be able to snap the shot at whatever angle you’d like. Not using the integrated zoom of your camera increases the quality of your image by like 300%.

7. Chose an overcast day. If you can't get out for sunrise or sunset, opt for a day with overcast skies. The clouds act like a gigantic softbox that make all shadows (and wrinkles!) on faces disappear.

8. Don't take photos in the sun. Chose a spot in the shade to take your photos on a sunny day. The harsh light of the sun, especially during the day, isn't flattering at all.

9. Background is more than just background. A busy and chaotic background takes away from the most beautiful smile on any face. Have your subject stand in front of a hedge, a barn door or an interesting brick wall.

10. Let the tallest person stand in the photo first. Let then all the rest of the family members gather around. And: make sure younger kids are in the front so they will be seen on the picture! Tip: Families look more loving and connected when everyone is touching in some way for the photo.

I hope this post inspires you to just have fun capturing some pictures of your family! It doesn’t have to be perfect to be treasured!

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